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Pulitzerwinning journalist strohmeyer crisis in bethlehem, 1986 examines in relentless, devastating detail the wealth of miseries brought to alaska with the 1967 discovery of oil deposits at prudhoe bay. Any use of trade, product, or firm names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply. Trans alaska pipeline system prudhoe bay to valdez, alaska the trans alaska pipeline system is the largest single state oil pipeline in the country. But changes to address those conditions and the rise of native power predated the arrival of big oil in alaska. The trump administration is finalizing plans to open one of the worlds last pristine wilderness regions, the arctic national wildlife refuge, to oil and fracked gas drilling. The media was all atwitter about the announcement that alaska might be the next oil boom. How to download cumulative environmental effects of oil and gas activities on alaskas north slope pdf. Information on assets, buyers and sellers, deal values, and more. Southern southeast alaskas leading source for news and information. Feb 24, 20 but alaska has more snow, more ice, more wind, taller mountains and lower tree lines than pretty much anywhere else. Alaska author, exprofessor john strohmeyer dead at 85. The danger of opening alaskas arctic refuge to oil and.

With alaskas easy oil tapped long ago, the stage was set for wildcatters to take the baton from big oil. The rough guide to alaska by paul whitfield overdrive. White sky, black ice nathan active mysteries book 1. The battle at the top of the world for americas future bob reiss. This site will soon contain many movies and sound using this new cross platform plugin. Heavy oil might be the future of alaska petroleum development. It could be a pure adventure ride or an existencial film. Pulitzerwinning journalist strohmeyer crisis in bethlehem, 1986 examines in relentless, devastating detail the wealth of miseries brought to alaska with the 1967 discovery of oil deposits at.

Economics of undiscovered oil and gas in the north slope of. The oil industry accounts for onethird of alaska jobs and about onehalf of the overall economy yet production is 8 percent lower than the same time last year. Boem calculates that theres a 75 percent chance of one or more spills of more than 1,000 barrels of oil over the next 77 years, given 500 wells and 4. Whereas makes an try by the oil business and regulatory companies have lowered many of the environmental outcomes, they have not been eradicated. Big oil and the transformation of alaska, published in 1993. Compared to conventional 0w16 mineral engine oil kv100 6.

Jul 03, 2017 with the pipeline turning 40, we look back at how big green fought big oil, how that fight transformed the trans alaska pipeline, and why congress ever agreed to it. Only as little as there is a beautiful nature, unique wilderness and a nearly no civilization. Charlotte takes extreme measures to protect her herd from predators. Nov 22, 2007 when one considers the more than four thousand spillsover one a dayrecorded by the oil industry in its land operations in the last decade, and keeping in mind that offshore hazards are far greater, the inevitable accidents seem certain to accumulate into an ongoing and permanent calamity.

Alaska mechanical code by state of alaska at the best online ebook storage. This book is a must read for those who seek to understand palins qualifications for national leadership. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading white sky, black ice nathan active mysteries book 1. Massive oil discovery in alaska is biggest in 30 years. I personally guide all clients call for more details. By some measures, the oil and gas industry is today the most prominent one in the state. Alaska oil and gas association aoga president and ceo kara moriarty explains that a variety of products are made from alaska oil at instate refineries.

Arctic drilling for extreme oil is risky and letting. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. According to the alaska oil and gas association, oil and petroleum jobs consist of more than onethird of all jobs in alaska, making this opportunity one that has potential to bring thousands of jobs to the rural villages of alaska like kaktovik. Oil production is 540,000 barrelsday 6575% of alaskas general fund i. The commission provides this information as a convenience to the public, with the. Pdf synthetic lubricant base stock processes and products. Photo by eric keto, alaskas energy desk anchorage cleaning up after a major oil spill is a huge challenge. The sample plan below was created by shannon dey, m. Alaska, which relies on oil and gas taxes for the vast. Sarah takes on big oil by kay cashman and kristen nelson delivers the story of palins record in dealing with the oil companies as governor of alaska. The adventures of nellie frost on turnagain arm, 18951901 by dorothy m. The source documents in the commissions files remain the official record. Its an extreme example of what can happen as less oil moves down the transalaska pipeline. Their top priority is finding a home close to the water with stunning views and a big yard for their two dogs.

Extreme adventures, llc sterling, alaska guidefitter. A black effluvia of crude petroleum and drilling mud and chemical pollutants would spread inshore. No book on oil in alaska would be complete without the exxon valdez and this is inlcuded. Alaskas resilience tested by vagaries of the oil business. Today the north slope fields account for about 97% of alaskas oil produc tion. Trump is pushing the drilling at a time when climate change is permanently altering. Nov 28, 2016 kevin kennedy works on a piece of one of his oil spill cleanup devices.

Through the 1920s thered been geologic and topographical surveys north of the arctic circle, but of the oil potential there, little was known. The acquisition is consistent with our stated strategy to pursue material, highreturning, international liquids opportunities to complement our highquality png gas assets. If youre looking for a free download links of alaska pipeline. As oil prices fall, alaskas new governor faces a novel goal. Alaska state budgets rely heavily on oil revenues, with all its ups and downs. Production from these three fields has increased alaskas annual oil production ten fold since 1977, to over 670 million barrels a year. At that time, the states of texas and oklahoma rolled in oil money from their booming oil fields, keeping the isolated alaska north slope off the oil mans radar.

The compelling story of alaskas big 3 oil companies, as. The politics of oil and native land claims pdf, epub, docx and torrent then this site is not for you. A thoughtful and readablel book with a weal th of information fairbanks newsminer an astounding piece of jopurnalism that reads with the grace of a novel the anchorage press he strohmeyer relates the tangled story of the alaska pipeline and provides the best account of the 1989 exxon valdez disaster in print outside magazine if the rest of. It is a significant part of the remaining known north. Geologist finds massive alaskan oil well on a hunch fox.

Wildcatters try to strike alaskas next big oil score. So some big oil companies are talking about a day when the worlds demand for oil stops growing. Atz lee and jane rush to aid of a fellow homesteader. Click here and start watching alaskas most extreme in seconds. Rinehart said heavy oil represents a big slice of bps longterm business strategy but added that technical hurdles in alaska remain. In 2014, 90 percent of alaskas state budget came from the industry. The following year, it dropped to 75 percent a huge loss resulting from the recent oil price tumble. Companies like bp, which operates alaskas biggest oil field, and shell.

May, 2015 arctic drilling for extreme oil is risky and letting shell do the work is reckless cindy shogan drilling in the arctic is dangerous and irresponsible and no oil company should develop there. The information presented in the alaska oil and gas conservation commissions oil and gas information system is derived from our public well and production files and databases. It doesnt matter whether its jungle, alaska or mount everest. Originally taps, for trans alaska pipeline system initially trans alaska pipeline project, a joint venture of atlantic pipe line company now conocophillips transportation alaska, inc.

Alaska news, features and commentary, all day, every day. Sarah takes on big oil illuminates palins rise to power in alaska, along with her. From the wildlife of the glacier bay national park to cruising the epic highways, the fullcolour introduction highlights all the thingsn. All of this is a big win for alaska, which last year had to freeze hiring and limit state employee travel due to trouble in the oil industry. This oil giant is making a big bet on alaska the motley fool. Spanish oil giant repsol has revealed the largest u. Taking on extreme alaska an outdoorloving couple wants to take on all of the challenges that come with moving to fairbanks. Feb 08, 2018 winter at and near selawik national wildlife refuge is long, cold and, at its height, dark.

Big oil has largely abandoned plans for the north slope. Download cumulative environmental effects of oil and gas. But alaska has more snow, more ice, more wind, taller mountains and lower tree lines than pretty much anywhere else. Oct 05, 2016 caelus energys big offshore alaska discovery the bottom line a texas petroleum drilling company announced tuesday it has made a largescale oil discovery off alaska s north slope. Oil business tests alaskas resilience alaska might have billions of dollars in the bank, but the state has been struggling to pay its bills. Texas oil company announces big offshore alaska discovery. Unfortunately he like the alaska daily news allows himself to get caught up in the moment and definately takes. Battling weather conditions and wild animals as well as themselves in this documentary that explores the lives of homesteaders in beautiful alaska. The production restraint agreement between the opec and nonopec vienna agreement countries is still in place, preserving spare production capacityif. A small but very successful energy exploration company, caelus energy llc, announced its discovery of a new oil field on alaska.

The greatest concentrations of dots representing dairy farms are located in the midwest and northeast, it is heaviest in the following areas. Taps is one of the worlds largest pipeline systems. Best movies that deal with survival in wilderness or fighting against nature. The assets acquired include the nanushuk field in the pikka. In the mid2000s, surging oil prices and tax credits designed to stimulate new production. Alaska oil 2001 examining the contentious issue of whether or not to drill for oil in alaskas arctic national wildlife refuge anwr many local people are hostile to proposals, but others. Strohmeyer also wrote atwoods biography, which was never published due to a dispute which arose after atwoods death between strohmeyer and atwoods daughter elaine. Massive oil discovery in alaska is biggest onshore find in. Petroleum news providing coverage of alaska, canada and the.

Here you can read some of the more interesting facts about this unique place as alaska is. Southeast alaskas most widely distributed community paper. Alaskas big fight over oil and gas revenue bloomberg. The trans alaska pipeline system taps is an oil transportation system spanning alaska, including the trans alaska crude oil pipeline, 11 pump stations, several hundred miles of feeder pipelines, and the valdez marine terminal. In february 2018, oil search completed the purchase of world class oil assets in alaskas north slope, usa. The transalaska pipeline system taps is an oil transportation system spanning alaska, including the transalaska crudeoil pipeline, 11 pump stations, several hundred miles of feeder pipelines, and the valdez marine terminal. Fight brewing as trump favors big oil in alaska duration. The company announced a twopart transaction with oil giant bp in which it would sell 16. A must read for anyone interested in the history of oil exploration in alaska. In fact, the entire barley crop of alaska would barely fill one freight car. John strohmeyer, pulitzer prizewinning author of extreme conditions.

He taught at the university of alaska anchorage and was author of the book, extreme conditions. Atz sr searches for a remote spot to anchor his floating homestead. This past summers bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico brings to the surface failures in both. It is commonly called the alaska pipeline, transalaska pipeline, or alyeska pipeline, or the pipeline as referred. This program explores the extreme living conditions that create difficulties for those who choose to live a life of hard but rewarding work in alaskas wilderness. The alaskan arctic oil drilling controversy explained. Alaskan officials have just published a new report highlighting huge quantities of oil exploration data in an attempt to revitalize the states crude industry, and oil majors are taking note.

With ample amount of protein, meals like these will ensure you burn body fat while sparing muscle. Major oil industry reforms needed for continued exploration in extreme environments. Our instate refiners create jet fuel, gasoline, diesel, heating fuel, kerosene, asphalt base oil, marine diesel, turbine fuel. The expansion comes closely after the discovery of new proven oil. When we were deciding where to spend the next summer, we didnt know much about alaska. But as the permafrost thaws, companies are creating new products to help the industry cope. This is the facebook page for a youtube channel that focuses on alaska history, culture, nature, and events. When it comes to extreme sports in the winter, alaska is as extreme as it gets. Norway has produced more oil and a lot more natural gas over the years than alaska by my calculations a little more than. Keeping carbs and fat intake low gives this plan an extra advantage. As climate change looms large for the oil industry, what.

Fifteen years after john hartmans murder on a downtown street, supporters of the fairbanks four, serving long sentences for the crime, use facebook raising questions about the verdicts. Wright earlier this year before a department of the interior hearing in anchorage, alaska, on environmental impact of the proposed trans alaska oil. Big oil and the transformation of alaska this is the warm, funny, and inspiring story of dave rose, who followed the american dream and was living proof tht smarts, courage, and integrity can be found in public service. The new fight over oil in alaskas greatest wilderness advocates of drilling in the arctic national wildlife refuge are trying to make an end run around the law and the american people. Exposure alaska is the tour company you need to go with if you are looking for the right alaska adventure tour.

The workers who constructed this steel serpent had to contend with alaskas most extreme terrain, including frozen tundra, 3 mountain ranges and over 800 rivers and streams. Top 10 alaska newspapers by circulation agility pr solutions. Download and read online for free alaska mechanical code by state of alaska. This site is your source of the extreme in sitka alaska. It is extreme, but it has a distinct beauty all its own. Massive oil find in alaska is largest in 30 years fox. Original hardcover with dustjacket in protective mylar.

As of mid1987 oil production from the north slope was from three oil fields. John strohmeyer died of heart failure on march 3, 2010 in crystal river, florida. Alaskas beleaguered oil industry has finally found a lifeline. In alaska, crude oil is carried across the tundra by. The rough guide to alaska is your complete guidebook to one of the worlds greatest adventure destinations. Moose hunts brownblack bear combo hunts average brown 86 to 101 black bear average 6 to 78 goat hunts sheep hunts otc white water rafting trips availiable small operations, highest quality hunts with excellent results. Last year, a mere 515,000 barrels flowed through the trans alaska, roughly a quarter of the volume three decades ago. We have hosted and helped with expeditions through alaska for over 20 years, with experienced guides and a great track record. Largest domestic oil discovery in three decades a spanish oil company and its partner organization have discovered an estimated 1. The role of the oil and gas industry in alaskas economy. A searchable database of oil and gas debt and equity offerings.

With an increased numbers of tanker trucks on the road, its very likely that alaska will see higher numbers of large truck crashes which means the big oil strike of 2016 could turn out to be something of a mixed blessing for alaskan drivers. White sky, black ice nathan active mysteries book 1 kindle edition by jones, stan. Healthy commercial crude oil inventories in oecd countries, standing at 2. Oil operations like this one on alaskas north slope are designed for freezing conditions. In addition to alaska, petroleum news provides coverage of oil and gas events from elsewhere in north america that impact the industry in alaska. The industrys foremost networking tool for the financial sector. In chronicling oil exploration in the region from postww ii prestatehood days onward, a number of key figures emergefrom gungho state boosters to field engineers whose optimistic. Daily news from alaskas state capital, the juneau empire. Please leave your thoughts or any other recomendations to watch below and i hope to add more titles to this list.

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