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A descendant of the wild guinea pigs of south america, todays domesticated guinea pig is viewed by many as an easypet for children. I think anyone with a guinea pig should have one of these books. Rescues, pet stores, and new pet owners will find great advice for getting a guinea pig off to a good start. Some things you need to know assisi animal sanctuary. Information about guinea pig care, sounds, cages, eating, health, allergies, behaviour, handling, and much more.

Many people are unaware there are homeless guinea pigs. Print and fold our little guinea pig booklet and use it to store interesting facts, or make notes on how to care for a pet guinea pig. We recently have been getting many questions asking about bonding with your guinea pig, if your guinea pig wont eat veggies in your presence at all, you can still form a positive association with yourself by draping a blanket over your leg and onto the floor to form a tent for the guinea pig to hide in. My reason for writing these pages was to provide care information to help guinea pigs lead happier, healthier lives, that they so rightly deserve. Guinea pigs are generally very healthy animals but the proper care of guinea pigs comprehensively mentions a wide array of health conditions that may potentially arise and clearly discusses how to diagnose and treat these problems.

Guinea lynx a medical and care guide for your guinea pig. Hamster care guide pet ownership has many benefits for children, from teaching them responsibility, to developing language skills and providing support in times of stress. Read on for important information on the proper care of your guinea pig. Ask a store partner about petcos selection of books on guinea pigs and the variety of private. Guinea pigs are small pets, but they require plenty of space, time, effort, and human interaction. We discuss how to keep your guinea pig outside in the winter and the summer, the best temperatures for your guinea pig, and what else you should be thinking about. Youll also want to have a water bottle and a food bowl heavy enough not to be tipped over waiting for the new arrival. Require 30 to 50 mg of vitamin c daily from highquality food, vitamin. Guinea pigs cannot store or manufacture their own vitamin c. Guinea pig care sheets for beginners to help you get organized. Pets fill our lives with laughter, companionship and, when it comes to their care, questions.

Do it the right way and adopt a rescued guinea pig. There are also advantages for the family as a whole. Guinea pigs live for around four to eight years, so their care is a longterm commitment. We already had numerous books on guinea pig care, but saw this one. A guinea pig can be one of the most endearing and wonderful pets. However, they need commitment and regular attention to ensure they stay healthy and happy. In 60 short pages, the book provides tothepoint information and advice on purchasing, housing, feeding and everyday care of guinea pigs. If they are required, use a shampoo specially formulated for small animals. Guinea pig care guide tips from home to health to food and fun. Care of the pet guinea pig native to south america, the guinea pig is a lively, lovable rodent that requires relatively easy care. It is best to invest in a well illustrated handbook but unless. The first day you bring home your new hamster, make sure its a pleasant, calm homecoming. These are just some tips that you can use when caring for a guinea pig. Getting a new pet is exciting, but also a little daunting.

Start with the care guide raising a healthy guinea pig is your guinea pig ill. How to care for guinea pigs with pictures wikihow pet. If your guinea pig is itchy at all it is important that it sees a vet quickly. Whether youre taking a guinea pig home for your kids or for yourself, the act of bringing one into your life requires the same due diligence that taking any other pet home would. Guinea pigs weigh about two to three pounds, come in a variety of colors, are very social, can live up to 10 years old, and make great pets for children and adults alike. This book discusses important and often neglected issues of guinea pig health and care. When you decide that you want a guinea pig, finding the right one can be a little confusing at first. What every new pet owner needs is a source of instant knowledge, immediate answers to a range of vital questions.

Whatever your situation, this book will teach you everything you need to know to make sure you are making the best possible decisions. The complete beginners guide to guinea pig care and facts. It is up to you how you look after your guinea pig, but you must take reasonable steps to ensure that you meet all their needs. This is the perfect student reader to use if you have a class pet that is. Read on to find out how to care for your pocketful of sunshine. Use of shampoos formulated for humans will dry the skin of a guinea pig. My documentszoe fileseducation guinea pig info introduction congratulations on the adoption of your guinea pig. As with all small pets, an adult needs to be responsible for. They communicate by making various sounds that have different meanings and popcorn, or jump in the air, when happy. Guinea pigs are social companion animals that require daily interaction. The most common types of guinea pigs are the english or american shorthair, the peruvian longhaired, and the abyssinian swirled hair.

I bought this book after searching for guinea pig care books for children my daughters grandparent had bought her two guinea pigs and is keeping them at hers but to provide more education i thought id get her an encouraging and insightful book. Dog, cat and exotic pet care free online booklets and quick fact sheet guides for various pet species by jill m. Guinea pigs need a cage, or hutch, with a solid floor. This new series of guides provides answers to all those common questions in a brilliantly accessible form. You can also root out these other great guinea pig resources. Top tips for cavy care this is a copy of the information booklet ive put together as part of my guinea pig adoption package. Pelleted food for guinea pigs has some vitamin c added, but its never enough. Melons, oranges and dark green, leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale and cabbage are all good sources. The guinea pig handbook the information you need to keep your guinea pig happy and healthy from the time of their domestication thousands of years ago in south america, cavies have made their way into the hearts and homes of people of all ages and from around the world. Here at the animal welfare league qld, we are very proud of our guinea pig adoption program and the way in which our piggies are cared. Patt, dvm of little critters veterinary hospital gilbert, az.

The best guinea pig cages are usually wire cages with a solid bottom metal or plastic that are easily removed for cleaning. Find guinea pigs available for rehoming and adoption. Guinea pig booklet little critters veterinary hospital gilbert az menu. Did you know there is a hairless variety of guinea. Pet health care booklets little critters veterinary hospital. Our resource center is filled with information compiled from animal care experts and veterinarians to help you find the answers you need. I was disappointed to find it is literally a dictionary of text. Then when you have more specific questions, the guinea lynx site is one of the best online references for care and medical information. There are many guinea pigs available for adoption at animal shelters and smallanimal rescue groups. Guinea pigs are rewarding pets to look after but, unlike some other small pets, they do require lots of care on a regular basis. I have kept guinea pigs for years and picked up bits of information as i went along. Consult the emergency medical guide for signs of illness looking for a pet. Guinea pigs have been found all over the world, some have short hair, some have long hair, there are breeds with rough hair, but all provide.

They also include useful information for making sure your guinea pigs are happy and healthy. Bathe guinea pigs in a shallow bowl of warm water and avoid getting water or shampoo into their ears and eyes. Perfect for keeping track of all my piggies health and well being these are really helpful includes 12 care sheets instantly downloadable to print. If youre thinking of adopting a guinea pig it is definitely worth while having a read through before you bring your new piggy home.

They may live as long as 9 years the average is 5 to 7, so the decision to bring one into your home must be made carefully. My documentszoe fileseducationguinea pig info introduction congratulations on the adoption of your guinea pig. It is the sort of thing that should accompany all pigs when they are adopted. Many guinea pig health problems are preventable with proper diet and care. Guinea pigs are wonderful animals to raise, whether as pets or as livestock. The best place for care basics, a great introduction for beginners, is guinea lynxs guide to raising a healthy guinea pig. Wire cage bottoms are not recommended as they can easily injure your pets toesfeet. Info for additional websites and forums which contain good information about guinea pigs. The average weight of a guinea pig ranges from 500900 grams 12 pounds. After being without a guinea pig for almost a year, we decided to surprise our daughter with one for her birthday, since that is what she wanted. Guinea pigs guinea pigs welfare tips, advice, health.

If you are considering getting a guinea pig, you will need to know the basic facts about them. Petcoach is your trusted source of pet care information. Pack of 12 care sheets with useful information, checklists to help you keep organised. Print and fold this little hamster booklet perfect for doodles and to do lists. Mites most commonly show up as bald, dry, itchy skin along the spine. There are a lot of different types that can look quite different to each other. Lots of care info and room for health records plus the evervaluable weight charts. Keeping and caring for a pet guinea pig the spruce. Also to help their owners, especially new owners, to take care of these wonderful little animals. Just make sure the guinea pig groups are all boy or all girl. This concise brochure is available to anyone to download and distribute without cost pending email notification see bottom of page. If you are willing to give your guinea pig a good home with proper food, attention, living space, grooming, and. Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, are friendly and inquisitive pets.

Baby guinea pigs how to care and treating with extra care cabrito baby care baby guinea pig care cabrito page 4 of 7 make a nice nice day with the latest fresh baby guinea pig care baby care for those who are searching for a furry friend which is not only extremely cute, but very easy to keep, then look no further than a family pet. Before you embark on owning one of these lovable creatures, theres a lot you need to know. Do you have all of the necessary bedding, food, water, hiding places and toys for your guinea. Males are known as boars and females are called sows. Soon enough, parents and children discover that this new companion animal requires substantially more care than the childs favorite stuffed toy. The british columbia society for the prevention of cruelty. This program also includes specific standards for instore pet care. It has all the information a little girl or boy parent could need on how to care for a pig. Top 10 best guinea pig care guide for beginners updated 2020. Includes 12 care sheets, checklists and health record sheets to make your daily guinea pig routine easier. A cage for a single guinea pig should be at least 24 wide x 24 long and at minimum 15 high. Guinea pigs are wonderful little pets, and who can resist their sweet little squeaks. Health care guinea pigs are complicated little animals and keeping an eye on their health can. Your guinea pig will love all the food you offer, but if sits in.

Little critters veterinary hospital offering care for all dogs, cats and exotic pets. Fill the habitat with treats, and toys a wheel or tunnels for exercise and chew toys to make it a happy hamster home. It is up to you how you look after your guinea pig, but you must take reasonable steps to ensure that you meet all. This book sets out everything you need to know, from choosing your pet. The care of guinea pigs handbook is an essential primer for the newcomer to guinea pigs care and a classic to add to any. Guinea pigs are sociable pocket pets, are easily tamed, and can live for up to ten years. From the different breeds of guinea pig to consider, like the american, silkie, peruvian or teddy guinea pig, to their proper care and maintenance, theres a lot to know before adding one to your family.

In this reader, you will find out about how guinea pigs got their name, where they came from, types of guinea pigs and how to care for guinea pigs. Lianne is a veterinarian, epidemiologist, and freelance writer whos written nearly 400 articles for the spruce pets. Learn some facts about guinea pigs and what you need to consider before choosing a guinea pig as a pet. Your cavy the proper name guinea pigs are known by will depend on you for food, water, medical care and companionship. The guinea pig or cavy pronounced kayvee is a member of the rodent family, closely. Guinea pig booklet little critters veterinary hospital. This is a fantastic interactive student reader that is all about guinea pigs.

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